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Help us enhance the quality of life for older adults in our communities

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Meals on Wheels Client

Cynthia, 80 years old, fractured her hip, leaving her unable to cook or prepare meals. Because of our Meals on Wheels program, she was able to enjoy warm, nutritious meals five days a week. These are some of Cynthia’s comments regarding the program

  • “Before I was enrolled in this program, I could go a few days without food"
  • “The volunteers are so nice and really care!”
  • “Thank you so much for providing these meals!”

Please help us support older adults like Cynthia! Our programs assist in decreasing social isolation and depression among seniors and allow them to remain independent for longer.

EGYM participant

This was written by a member with Parkinson's Disease. Her workouts on our EGYM equipment, has significantly improved her quality of life:

"After working out in the EGYM for about four weeks, I went to get off my bed from a sleeping position and was pleasantly surprised that I simply sat up. Normally, because of Parkinson's, it was necessary for me to grab a hold of a side bar or post and pull myself up. I find myself becoming stronger and stronger with every passing week."